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The next Environmental Commission Meeting will be held on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 7:30 PM at the Cranford Community Center.   Click here to view our complete meeting calendar.  


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Green Business Recognition Update

April 27, 2015 - The Cranford Chamber of Commerce and the Environmental Commission have recently awarded Green Business Recognition certificates to Tom Dunn of Hilltop Bicycles, Jorge and Kara of Beyond Dance, Lauren Miller and Deven Burgio of Fresh Press Juice Co., and Kevin Brennan of Rockin' Joe's Coffee for adopting several basic measures that foster a cleaner and sustainable environment. These include utilizing a programmable thermostat, efficient lighting, and powering down office equipment and lights after business hours in order to minimize carbon emissions from energy consumption.

Special mention goes to Rockin' Joe's for purchasing coffee through the One Harvest Project, which closely coordinates with the small coffee farmers and distributors in Latin America. This helps to identify superior Arabica varieties and ensure a sustainable supply chain where the farmers receive fair value for their product.

Fresh Press Juice Co. is also commended for its focus on healthy lifestyle organic fruit and veggie items that promote overall wellness and for arranging to compost a portion of its fruit and veggie waste. 


Rockin' Joe's                                                    Hilltop Bicycles

Fresh Press Juice Co                                       Beyond Dance 


Environmental Commission Accomplishes Much in 2014
Nelson Dittmar 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Cranford, NJ - The Cranford Environmental Commission recently released its Annual Report for 2014. Nelson Dittmar, Chair of the Commission, says, “We are very proud of our accomplishments this year, believing that, in a small way, they have enhanced the quality of life and the environment in Cranford. We are very grateful for the support of the Township Committee.”

The principal projects in 2015 were the design and installation of a rain garden at the Municipal Building, a tree planting project at Hanson and Hampton Parks, the continuing development of our web site page My Green Cranford and the creation of a related Facebook page, a tree planting project in Township Parks, and an Energy Day Fair.

Using a $2,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey, we designed and installed a large rain garden on the front lawn of the Municipal Building. The installation was the culmination of months of planning, site selection and design, and more than a week of site preparation. Over 80 plants were installed. We are grateful for the help of many community volunteers and the Department of Public Works. The rain garden is a symbol of what can be done to reduce flooding in our community.

In May, Commission members with significant help from the Cranford High School Environmental Sciences Club planted 20 large trees in Hanson Park and Hampton Park. We appreciated the assistance of the Tree Advisory Board and the Hanson Park Conservancy.

In March, we sent a letter to Union County College in opposition to the proposed soccer and lacrosse fields at the College. serves as a resource guide for residents for issues relating to the environment, energy-savings ideas, and environmental events. There is a resource page with links to helpful green web sites. Visitors have the option to sign up for the e-mail newsletter, which offers tips and news. Our related Facebook page offers a wide range of information and news.

We met with the Township Committee and urged them to adopt a resolution opposing the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline which would run through thirty New Jersey communities including Cranford. We believe the potential damage to our community that could be caused by a pipeline explosion or spill is significant.

In celebration of Earth Day, we held a Fair at Hanson Park. There were demonstrations on using a backyard composter and we conducted a workshop of the step-by-step method to build and install a rain barrel. Visitors could see the rain garden at Hanson Park and learn how rain gardens help reduce flooding. We sold composters and rain barrel kits.

In conclusion, Dittmar noted, “I am looking forward to continuing many of these programs in 2015 and starting new ones. Anyone interested in the Commission can send an e-mail message to me at or come to our next meeting on Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center. To read the Annual Report, please visit our web site at”

Rain Garden Installed at Municipal Building
September 27, 2014

Volunteers joined forces in front of the Cranford Municipal Building to install a rain garden. Nelson Dittmar, Jr., the chairman of the Cranford Environmental Commission, and Don Jones, an associate member, took some time out from their work to tell Cranford Radio a bit about the project.

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